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It's interesting that the country that depends the most on petrodollars is the country that is building one of the first energy sustainable cities.

Sustainable Growth at Masdar City, abu dhabi

Masdar City is a project in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. Its core is a planned city, which will rely entirely on solar energy and other renewable energy sources, with a sustainable, zero-carbon, zero-waste ecology. The city is being constructed 17 kilometres east-south-east of the city of Abu Dhabi, beside Abu Dhabi International Airport.

masdar-city1 masdar-city2
Masdar City Ariel Fly Through [2:33] Welcome To Masdar City (01/24/11) [6:51]
masdar-city3 masdar-city4
A convenient truth: Solar Power Plant [5:00] Superbus visits Masdar City [1:21]

Secretary Clinton's Remarks at Masdar (12/01/11) [12:25]

The above city might be sustainable, but I'm not sure the city of Dubai is... pretty wild stuff.

dubia Dubai city 2010 [3:29]
Dubai City 2011 [4:23]

Discovery Channel - Impossible City - Dubai Part 2 [9:09], Part 3 [6:54], Part 4 [6:20], Part 5 [5:49], Part 6 [6:33]

Dubai: Architectural Bling [3:04]
Dubai's Dirty Little Secret (08/05/07) [14:08]

Air Cars

Di Pietro Motor is a 94.5% efficient compressed air motor that can run on energy from sustainable sources such as the sun or wind.

The Air-Powered car? [2:10] $8,000 Car - AirPod - That Runs On Air [4:58]
Air Car Free Energy Fuel Motor Save Gas Best Engine [8:53] Di Pietro Compressed Air Motor (06/21/10) [9:57]

Electric Cars... Solar Cars

Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming | HouseResourceOrg

Planning Communities for a Changing Climate--Smart Growth, Public Demand and Private Opportunity (06/18/08) [1:46:07]

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