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Fukushima, Japan (2000- )

fukushima1_180 fukushima2_180 fukushima3_180
Michio Kaku on CNN: Fukushima - "They Lied to Us" (06/21/11) [4:51]
Fairewinds: Hot Particles From Japan to Seattle (06/12/11) [5:59]
RT: Radiation turns up in all kinds of food products in Japan (07/26/11) [5:43]
Fairewinds: Problems in all Reactors Designed Like Fukushima (09/19/11) [16:33]
Experts say Fukushima 'worse' than Chernobyl (09/18/11)
Fukushima Crisis Is Still Hazy (09/07/11)

Chernobyl, Russia (1986- )

Chernobyl2_180 Chernobyl3_180 Chernobyl4_180
BBC: Surviving Disaster Chernobyl (1991) [59:30]
Seconds From Disaster: Meltdown In Chernobyl April 26,1986 [45:20]
Inside Chernobyl's Sarcophagus (199x) [46:26]
Timely reminder of Chernobyl disaster and containment [2:18:12]
Chernobyl nuclear disaster [46:48]

Also see the Chernobyl history here:

Hanford, Washington Story (1943- )

54 Million gallons of toxic nuclear waste/sludge, waiting due to construction errors, threatens the water table and the Columbia River!!

hanford-1 hanford-2
harford-3 harford-5

The Hanford Story: Overview [16:43]
*Hanford - Lethal and Leaking Part 1 (12/09/07) [7:00], Part 2 [7:00]

Also see the Manhattan Project page for more videos on this time in our history:

Oil & Gas & Coal

Alberta Tar Sands

Before After
tar sands before tar sands4
alberta-map tar sands3
alberta-map tar sands2

the dirty truth prosperity-or-nightmare
Tar Sands Oil Extraction - The Dirty Truth [11:39] The Alberta Oil (Tar Sands): Canadian Prosperity - Global Nightmare [16:02]
to-the-last-drop spoil
To the Last Drop: Canada's Dirty Oil Sands - Part 1 [23:30]
Part 2 [24:03]
Spoil - Documentary on the Great Bear Rainforests under threat by DIRTY TARSANDS [44:10]
Alberta Oil Sands: about [30:49] *PROPAGANDA*
2-days-in-jail keystone-xl-pipeline
Bill McKibben: Why I Spent 2 Days in Jail Protesting the Keystone XL Tar Sands Oil Pipeline [14:49] Should the U.S. Approve TransCanada's Keystone XL Tar Sands Oil Pipeline? Part 1 [15:03]
Part 2 [5:28]

Fracking | Hydrofracturing

Shale Gas- Hydraulic Fracturing [7:25] Shale gas 101-Utica Shale (Canada) [10:09]

NYT Video: Natural Gas and Polluted Air - The New York Times [7:01]

Gasland Part 1 [42:42], Part 2 [45:42] Fracking Hell: The Untold Story [17:53]

BP Deepwater Horizon

dont-blame-us BP-deepwater-horizon-accident
Don't Blame Us, Blame Them [2:10] BP Deepwater Horizon Accident Investigation Report [28:56]
the-deepwater-horizon-accident the-gulf-spill-one-year-later
The Deepwater Horizon Accident: What Happened and Why? [1:21:10] The Gulf Spill: One Year Later - 4.17.2011 [28:30]

workingStill working on this area.

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