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Friday October 09, 2015
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Kickstart our hearts: Our moral depravity in Syria rises to callous new levels
Salon | Ben Norton | 10/09/15

We have money to bomb Syria, but not to help Syrian refugees. Our government's answer to that is just embarrassing

The U.S. launched a campaign this week on Kickstarter -- a crowdfunding website on which people around the world can donate to fund proposed projects — to help provide aid to Syrian refugees. All proceeds will go to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the leading international body on refugees. ... Read more

Here’s How Much We’re Spending on the War Against ISIS
MotherJones | Edwin Rios | older, 06/14/15

More than 6,200 targets damaged or destroyed in the course of nine months, according to the DOD. Roughly two-thirds of that spending, or a little more than $1.8 billion, came from the Air Force, with air operations costing $5 million per day. ... Read more

Wholesale Inventories Rise And Sales Tumble Sending Ratio To "Recession Imminent" Cycle Highs
ZeroHedge | author | 10/09/15

Wholesale Inventories rose 0.1% MoM (more than expected and the most in 7 months) and Sales dropped 1.0% MoM (notably less than expected and weakest in 7 months) sending the inventory-to-sales ratio to 1.31x - new cycle highs - and flashing the brightest recession warning yet. With inventories up 4.2% YoY and Sales down 4.5% YoY, the stunning reality is the absolute dollar spread between inventories and sales has never been bigger. ... Read more

Bank Of England Tells British Banks To Reveal Their Full Exposure To Glencore And Other Commodity Traders
ZeroHedge | author | 10/09/15

Overnight we got confirmation that Glencore has indeed become a systemic risk from a regulatory standpoint after the FT reported that the Bank of England has asked British financial institutions to reveal their full exposure to commodity traders and falling prices of raw materials amid concerns over the impact of the oil and metals slump. Or, in other words, their exposure to Glencore, Trafigura, Vitol, Gunvor and Mecuria. ... Read more

[PHOTO ESSAY] These Photos Will Make You Want to Quit Your Job and Ride a Mustang From Mexico to Canada
MotherJones | Bryan Schatz | 09/25/15

On a midsummer afternoon in 2013, in the wilds of southern Utah, Ben Masters jumped off his horse, tied it to a tree, and watched his three friends ride off into the mountains in the wrong direction. It had been a tough day. They'd already been forced to turn back after trying to scale the Wasatch Plateau, snow-choked at 10,500 feet above sea level; the horses struggled and postholed through thick snowdrifts, and the group could go no farther. ... Read more
Unbranded, the film (trailer) (09/27/15) [2:01]

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Friday, October 09 [8:46]
Interesting Video
*Drain The Great Lakes () [41:56]
TRNN | Journalist Patrick Cockburn, who just returned from Syria, speaks about the impact of the Russian airstrikes in Syria and weather it can play a role in bringing the civil war to an end (10/09/15) [19:31]
TRNN | Andrew Jones and Chris Williams discuss: Countdown to Paris: Are the Pledges to Cut Emissions Enough to Save the Planet? (10/09/15) [17:06]
TRNN | Stathis Kouvelakis says: Defeat and Demoralization in Greece (10/09/15) [12:49]
TYT | Ben Carson Doesn't Know What The Debt Ceiling Is (10/08/15) [7:50]
TYT | Bill Cosby Forced To Testify About Allegedly Raping Teenage Girl (10/08/15) [3:50]
DR | Friday News -- Domestic (10/09/15) [1hr]
DR | Friday News -- International (10/09/15) [1hr]
RT | Targeting All Terrorists (10/09/15) [23:31]
RoF | GOP Has Dismantled The Constitution, And Consumers Are Getting Screwed (10/08/15) [9:04]
Thom Hartmann -
*ThomHartmann | ALEC's 2016 Agenda (10/09/15) [6:20]
ThomHartmann | Francesco Femia, The Center For Climate & Security: Syria's Climate Conflict (10/09/15) [27:31]
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Thursday October 08, 2015
News Articles

Bernie's Gun Control Critics Are Wrong -- His Stance Has Been Consistent for Decades
AlterNet | Steven Rosenfeld | 10/07/15

Sanders supports the rights of rural hunters, while opposing militarized weapons.

"The Vermont social democrate isn't terrible on guns: Though the NRA endorsed him in his first race for Congress, he has a D-minus rating from the group," wrote Joan Walsh, national political correspondent, citing his positives first. "He supported the 2013 background-check bill, in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, and closing the gun-show sales loophole." ...

... "I [Bernie Sanders] went before the sportsmen of Vermont and said that I have concerns about certain types of assault weapons that have nothing to do with hunting. I believe in hunting. I will not support any legislation that limits the rights of Vermonters or any other hunters to practice what they have enjoyed for decades. I do have concerns about certain types of assault weapons." ... Read more

In Shocking Development, Boehner's Chosen Successor Kevin McCarthy Pulls Out Of Speaker Race.

Children Who Live Near Fukushima Have Alarming Cancer Rates
AP & HP | author | date

The government claims the heightened rates are due to more screening efforts.

... Most of the 370,000 children in Fukushima prefecture (state) have been given ultrasound checkups since the March 2011 meltdowns at the tsunami-ravaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant. The most recent statistics, released in August, show that thyroid cancer is suspected or confirmed in 137 of those children, a number that rose by 25 from a year earlier. Elsewhere, the disease occurs in only about one or two of every million children per year by some estimates. ... Read more

The Race for House Speaker Has Republicans "Audibly Crying"
MotherJones | Russ Choma | 10/08/15

The GOP just entered full meltdown mode.

The House GOP now has a full-blown leadership crisis on its hands. As Republican lawmakers gathered on Thursday to elect a new speaker, John Boehner's presumptive heir for the top spot, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), unexpectedly bowed out of the race, telling his colleagues he was "not the guy." Boehner--who reportedly joked recently, "I had this terrible nightmare last night that I was trying to get out and I couldn't get out"--was forced to postpone the vote for his successor. Lawmakers who were present for the closed-door meeting reported a scene of "chaos" that included "audible crying." ... Read more

Volkswagen's Top U.S. Executive Knew Company May Be Breaking Emissions Rules 18 Months Ago.
This Comment pertains to Max Keiser Report in the right column: It is interesting that Ben Bernanke is bring this up now, after all the Statue of Limitations have expired. Maybe he can be more timely the next time the economy tanks. You need to watch the PBS Frontline "The Warning" to really understand how complicit these people really were/are.

PBS Frontline: The Warning, The Financial Collapse - Brooksley Born [56:17]

Brooksley Born was one of the few that spoke up before 2007 to say that we were heading toward a train wreck. Look at the video and see who was on the other side.

If none of the Republicans were swayed after Sandy Hook, what are the chances now? The only way they'd vote for gun control would be if corporations were getting shot because those are the only "people" they really care about.

[PHOTO ESSAY] 21 Photos That Capture the Heartbreak of Europe's Refugee Crisis
MotherJones Magazine | David Maurice Smith | 09/25/15

"These people are at risk," says photographer David Maurice Smith. "We have to humanize them."

Photojournalist David Maurice Smith has been on the front lines of the refugee crisis for a year and a half, bearing witness to a great migration of war-weary people seeking safer grounds. He covered the Syrian exodus while in Jordan, where more than 600,000 Syrian refugees are now living. While in Indonesia, he reported on asylum seekers from 14 different countries--including Iraq, Yemen, Burma, Afghanistan, and Pakistan--who were trapped while trying to reach Australia by boat, many of them fleeing war, persecution, or both.

"A lot of those people are there because of the same conflicts that are forcing others to Europe," Smith says. To see that situation firsthand, Smith recently traveled to, among other places, the Hungarian-Serbian border, where he was awed by the immensity of the crisis. "This is of a huge scale--hundreds of thousands." ... Read more

  1. Congress probing U.S. spy agencies' possible lapses on Russia (Reuters)
  2. Defense Ministers From NATO Hit Out at Russian Action in Syria (WSJ)
  3. U.S. Rules Out Cooperation With Russia as Moscow Launches First Naval Strikes on Syria (WSJ)
  4. Man Who Called China's Boom and Bust Says Use This Rally to Sell (BBG)
  5. For Volkswagen, New Questions Arise on U.S. Injury Reporting (BBG)
  6. Deutsche Bank May Swell $14 Billion Selloff in China Bank Stakes (BBG)
  7. Emerging market slowdown hits German exports (FT)
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Thursday, October 08 [6:49]
Trevor Noah - Daily Show
Trevor Noah/Daily Show | Trevor Noah Loses It Over Ben Carson's Comments On Mass Shootings (10/07/15) [6:01]
Financial Industry - 2008 Crash
Global Financial Meltdown (older, but good) [2:49:15]
TRNN | Phyllis Bennis says: MSF Hospital Targeted by Afghan Government Forces in July (10/08/15) [12:21]
*TYT | The U.S. Wastes Billions Training Foreign Armies (10/07/15) [3:10]
*TYT | Bill O'Reilly Is Sure America Has No Hungry Children (10/07/15) [8:51]
Some YouTube Comments:
Commenter 1: Bill O'Reilly's ignorance never ceases to amaze me! He criticizes others for not having numbers or hard evidence to back up their statements, then goes on to make all of these unsubstantiated, weak-ass claims that he cannot POSSIBLY back up because they're all 100% bullshit! Then he demonizes the parents...I have LOTS of friends who are parents, and the LAST thing ANY OF THEM would EVER do is buy a big screen TV or a shiny new sports car at the expense of feeding their children! Really??? And does he even have a clue what the term abuse means?

Commenter 2: He is worth 70 million dollars. He wont be able to relate to normal people. Non of them will. CNN or Fox news. I stopped watching them a long time ago.

Commenter 3: I grew up hungry and loved going to school at the beginning of elementary school because of lunch...
From 2004 to 2009 O'Reilly earned $10 million per year for anchoring the O'Reilly Factor. From 2009 to 2013 his salary with Fox increased to $15 Million per year. In 2013 and 2014, following his latest contract negotiation, O'Reilly made $18 million per year. In 2014 he also earned $28 million in book royalties.
TYT | White House Fighting Independent Investigation Of Hospital Bombing (10/07/15) [16:25]
RT | Keiser Report: Global Paradox of Risk (E820) (10/08/15) [25:40]
RoF | Even Greedy Wall Street Bankers Think We Should Act On Climate Change (10/07/15) [4:27]
Thom Hartmann -
ThomHartmann | Why the Media Isn't Covering Citizens United (10/08/15) [4:49]
ThomHartmann | Sen Warren Goes After Big Oil! (10/08/15) [12:57]
ThomHartmann | Grayson Unveils Benghazi Complaint (10/08/15) [12:39]
Greg Hunter
GregHunter | Bix Weir-Implosion and Restart of Financial System Coming (10/04/15) [33:02]
Diane Rehm Show -
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Wednesday October 07, 2015
News Articles

The Derivatives Market: Bets, Bookies, and Fraud by Jeff Nielson
ZeroHedge | author | 10/07/15

Derivatives are bets. This is not a metaphor, or analogy, or generalization. Derivatives are bets. Period. That's all they ever were. That's all they ever can be. This can be easily illustrated by simply examining and defining some of the more well-known "derivatives", meaning those derivatives with whom everyone is familiar with their labels.

Let's start with the two largest and most-important forms of this gambling (and fraud): "interest rate swaps" and "credit default swaps". What is an interest rate swap? This is a bet between a banker (i.e. the people who control interest rates) and a Chump, on which direction an interest rate will move. ... Read more or Here

After Over a Decade of Occupation and $1.5 Billion in US Aid, the Reality Facing Women in Afghanistan Has Barely Changed.

Ask Courageous Ben Bernanke Anything, Courtesy Of The WSJ
ZeroHedge | author | 10/07/15

As the WSJ has kindly offered, anyone who wishes to, can ask Ben Bernanke questions about his "courage" to print $3 trillion and make the rich richer. Just make sure to tag your tweet with #FedWSJPro. ... Read more

A "Heroic" Ben Bernanke Blames Congress For Poor Economic Recovery
ZeroHedge | author | 10/07/15

"That's why I often said that monetary policy was not a panacea -- we needed Congress to do its part. After the crisis calmed, that help was not forthcoming. When the recovery predictably failed to lift all boats, the Fed often, I believe unfairly, took the criticism." ... Read more

Putin Has Just Put An End to the Wolfowitz Doctrine
ZeroHedge | author | 10/07/15

4-Star General Wesley Clark noted:

In 1991, powerful neocon and Iraq war architect Paul Wolfowitz was the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy -- the number 3 position at the Pentagon. And I had gone to see him when I was a 1-Star General commanding the National Training Center.

And I said, "Mr. Secretary, you must be pretty happy with the performance of the troops in Desert Storm."

And he said: "Yeah, but not really, because the truth is we should have gotten rid of Saddam Hussein, and we didn't ... But one thing we did learn [from the Persian Gulf War] is that we can use our military in the region -- in the Middle East -- and the Soviets won't stop us. And we've got about 5 or 10 years to clean up those old Soviet client regimes -- Syria, Iran, Iraq -- before the next great superpower comes on to challenge us." Read more
Wesley Clark - America's Foreign Policy "Coup" (11/05/07) [8:14]

This Comment pertains to Thom Hartmann in the right column: It is interesting that Ben Bernanke is bring this up now, after all the Statue of Limitations have expired. Maybe he can be more timely the next time the economy crashes. You need to watch the PBS Frontline "The Warning" to really understand how complicit these people really were/are.

PBS Frontline: The Warning, The Financial Collapse - Brooksley Born [56:17]

Brooksley Born was one of the few that spoke up before 2007 to say that we were heading toward a train wreck. Look at the video and see who was on the other side.

Warren for Vice President? Biden Reportedly Floated Spot in Private Meeting
AlterNet | Zaid Jilani | 10/06/15

Vice President Joe Biden is still actively considering running for president, and a series of reports have claimed he will make up his mind this month.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit from the report is that Biden apparently hinted at a joint ticket with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in a meeting with her earlier this year. This would speak to Biden's understanding of what is likely undermining Clinton's campaign -- an inability to demonstrate that she is serious about tackling inequality and the power of the super rich. Read more

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, October 07 [8:08]
SuperPAC Shuffle
The Bush/Clinton SuperPAC Shuffle - Follow the Money (06/10/15) [4:40]
TRNN | Sune Engel Rasmussen, The Guardian reporter: US Military Attack on MSF Hospital in Afghanistan Considered a War Crime (10/07/15) [9:34]
*TRNN | The Laura Flanders Show talks with professor and author Greg Grandin about his latest book, Kissinger's Shadow. (10/07/15) [26:06]
TYT | Christopher Columbus Was Horrible (10/06/15) [8:32]
TYT | Media Fails To Point Out Republicans' Baseless Benghazi Smear Campaign against Clinton (10/06/15) [10:13]
*TYT | Prison Debate Team Defeats Harvard In Amazing Victory (10/06/15) [8:31]
*RT | Blaming Russia (10/07/15) [24:02]
RoF | Another Round of Wall Street Scams -- Still No Prison Time (10/06/15) [9:20]
RoF | Ring of Fire (E186) - It's Time To Draw The Line (10/06/15) [29:00]
Thom Hartmann -
ThomHartmann | Bernanke Now Says Jail the Banksters! (10/06/15) [4:42]
*ThomHartmann | TPP - Here's What Happens Under SHAFTA (10/06/15) [4:42]
Diane Rehm Show -
DR | Concerns Over Russia's Growing Military Presence In Syria (10/07/15) [1hr]
NPR (National Public Radio) -
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) -
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes -
Other Videos and Documentaries I Ran Across
Note: I don't endorse any of the videos in this section.
As I construct My News Pages I constantly run across a lot of NEW videos, and since I find YouTube frustrating trying to re-find videos, I save the links in this section so I can find them again.

Tuesday October 06, 2015
News Articles

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Is a Disaster
HP | Ian Fletcher | date

So a deal between the signatory nations has finally been reached for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This is firmly on Obama's plate. Given his status as a liberal president, the public's ever-growing disapproval of free-trade agreements, and the fact that he criticized such agreements when George W. Bush made them, he really should have known better. This is not what people voted for him to get. After the failed promises of NAFTA, a job-destroying trade deficit that has grown despite a long series of free-trade agreements, and ever-more-aggressive foreign mercantilism, it was obvious that America needed a new trade strategy. And if the purely trade aspects weren't bad enough, the TPP is also a profoundly anti-democratic agreement which signs away our right to govern our own economy. ... Read more

Global Poverty Will Hit New Low This Year, World Bank Says
HP | Lydia O'Connor | 10/04/15

The Washington-based institution's latest projections expect the number of people who survive on $1.90 a day to drop from 12.8 percent of the human population in 2012 to 9.6 percent this year. That means 702 million people still struggle to survive.

But that's a stunning decline from the numbers reported over the last 25 years. According to the World Bank, 37.1 percent of the world's population lived in extreme poverty in 1990. In 2015, that number is estimated to drop to 9.6 percent. ...

Reduction of EXTREME POVERTY. Great! I'm wondering what is happening to the Regular Poor!.
Read more

Glencore Stock Is Re-Crashing
ZeroHEdge | author | 10/06/15

After 5 days of CEO-confidence-inspired BTFD-ing (a la Bear Stearns), following the 30% collapse at the start of last week, Glencore's stock price is tumbling 7.7% in the early European trading. Following a deep plunge off the open yesterday (which was rallied back to the highs) and extreme volume atthe close, Tuesday's early weakness has pushed the stock to the biggest loss since last Monday's carnage... Read more

After Over a Decade of Occupation and $1.5 Billion in US Aid, the Reality Facing Women in Afghanistan Has Barely Changed.

Honeybees Are Facing a Global Threat, and If They Go, So Do We
AlterNet | Reynard Loki | 10/06/15

Environmentalists and agribusiness are waging a pitched battle over the use of pesticides.

What is the most important animal to humans? In prehistoric times, the dog helped transform early hunter-gatherers into apex predators. Later, human civilization was built on the backs of horses. But starting around 11,500 years ago, when humans began making permanent settlements and invented agriculture, bees emerged as the most critical animal to human survival. ... Read more
Click picture to zoom in

Diane Rehm Show -
This Comment pertains to the Diane Rehm Show below: It is interesting that Ben Bernanke is bring this up now, after all the Statue of Limitations have expired. Maybe he can be more timely the next time the economy crashes. You need to watch the PBS Frontline "The Warning" to really understand how complicit these people really were/are.

PBS Frontline: The Warning, The Financial Collapse - Brooksley Born [56:17]

Brooksley Born was one of the few that spoke up before 2007 to say that we were heading toward a train wreck. Look at the video and see who was on the other side.

DR | Ben Bernanke: "The Courage to Act" (10/06/15) [1hr]
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Tuesday, October 06 [8:32]
*DN | NAFTA on Steroids: Consumer Groups Slam the TPP as 12 Nations Agree to Trade Accord (10/06/15) [8:42], Part 2 [18:03]
John Oliver
*HBO | John Oliver: Mental Health (10/04/15) [11:54]
*TRNN | Manuel Perez-Rocha, policy analyst at Institute for Policy Studies, says: What Washington Isn't Saying About the TPP 'Victory' (10/06/15) [3:37]
*TRNN | Sonali Kolhatkar tells Paul Jay that: Dependency on War Lords Led to U.S. Attack on MSF Afghan Hospital (10/06/15) [20:06]
*TYT | TPP Trade Agreement Passed (10/05/15) [10:12]
The United States and 11 other countries have officially reached an agreement in the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP. If you're thinking there is going to be more transparency now that they've reached a deal, think again. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks break down this historic agreement.
*TYT | Doctors Without Borders Hospital Bombed During U.S. Airstrike (10/05/15) [12:17]
TYT | Huckabee: "Sin And Evil" To Blame For School Shootings (10/05/15) [9:06]
RT | TPP deal reached: 12 countries strike Pacific Rim trade accord (10/05/15) [3:53]
Ring of Fire (E185) - The Danger In Your Medicine Cabinet (10/05/15) [29:00]
Thom Hartmann -
ThomHartmann | Is the Great Conveyor Belt Failing? (10/02/15) [7:40]
ThomHartmann | The Guns Are the Killers (10/05/15) [10:45]
NPR (National Public Radio) -
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes -

Monday October 05, 2015
News Articles

Hillary Clinton Goes Big On Gun Policy, Creates Contrast With Bernie Sanders
HP | Sam Stein | 10/05/15

Hillary Clinton will call Monday for substantial new limits on the availability and distribution of firearms, stepping aggressively into the debate over gun control in the wake of last week's mass shooting at a community college in Oregon.

The former secretary of state will outline four specific proposals during a pair of town hall events in New Hampshire, all of which are sure to inspire intense opposition from gun rights advocates. One of the proposals will put her directly at odds with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), her top competitor for the Democratic presidential nomination. ... Read more

*A Mosaic Of Facts - Media Weapons Of Mass Delusion
ZeroHEdge | author | 10/02/15

Can you tell truth from lies in mass media? RT's Miguel Francis-Santiago delves deep to try to understand the intricacies of information war. He meets media experts and puts together the Mosaic of Facts, showing how public opinion is manipulated, not just over the Ukrainian Crisis but throughout the world. ... Read more

Mosaic of Facts (trailer) (new) [1:24]
Mosaic of Facts (full) (new) [53:38]
This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate by Naomi Klein

In This Changes Everything Naomi Klein argues that climate change isn't just another issue to be neatly filed between taxes and health care. It's an alarm that calls us to fix an economic system that is already failing us in many ways. Klein meticulously builds the case for how massively reducing our greenhouse emissions is our best chance to simultaneously reduce gaping inequalities, re-imagine our broken democracies, and rebuild our gutted local economies. She exposes the ideological desperation of the climate-change deniers, the messianic delusions of the would-be geoengineers, and the tragic defeatism of too many mainstream green initiatives. And she demonstrates precisely why the market has not--and cannot--fix the climate crisis but will instead make things worse, with ever more extreme and ecologically damaging extraction methods, accompanied by rampant disaster capitalism.

Bernie Sanders 'Disappointed' By Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Deal
Reuters & HP | author | 10/05/15

U.S. Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said he was disappointed by the Trans-Pacific Partnership Pacific trade deal reached on Monday, saying the pact would cost U.S. jobs and hurt consumers.

"Wall Street and other big corporations have won again," the U.S. senator from Vermont said in a statement, vowing to "do all that I can to defeat this agreement" in Congress. ...

... "But it would have been my preference to have more investigation of individual action, since obviously everything that went wrong or was illegal was done by some individual, not by an abstract firm," Bernanke was quoted as saying. ... Read more

This Comment pertains to the article below: It is interesting that Ben Bernanke is bring this up now, after all the Statue of Limitations have expired. Maybe he can be more timely the next time the economy crashes. You need to watch the PBS Frontline "The Warning" to really understand how complicit these people really were/are.

PBS Frontline: The Warning, The Financial Collapse - Brooksley Born [56:17]

Brooksley Born was one of the few that spoke up before 2007 to say that we were heading toward a train wreck. Look at the video and see who was on the other side.

Bernanke: More Execs Should Have Faced Prosecution For 2008 Financial Crisis
Reuter & HP | author | date

"Now a financial firm is of course a legal fiction; it's not a person. You can't put a financial firm in jail."

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said in a newspaper interview published on Sunday that more corporate executives should have been prosecuted for their actions leading up to the 2008 financial crisis. ... Read more

More News
  1. MOAR: Euro-Area Growth Seen Slowing in Sign More Stimulus May Be Ahead (BBG)
  2. MOAR: Japan's wage growth slows in August, keeping pressure on BOJ for more stimulus (Reuters)
  3. MOAR: Stocks, Copper, Emerging Markets Jump as Fed Delay on Rates Seen (BBG)
  4. And yet... Central Banks Lose Bond-Market Credibility as Woes Mount (BBG)
  5. World Bank cuts Asia growth forecast on China and US rates (BBC)
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, October 05 [12:15]
DN | Mission Accomplished Redux: 1 Year After "End" to War in Afghanistan, Aid Workers Reveal Real Story (10/05/15) [13:51]
*DN | Naomi Klein on The Leap Manifesto & What a System of Climate and Economic Justice Looks Like (10/05/15) [6:48], Part 2 [14:46]
*DN | This Changes Everything: Naomi Klein & Avi Lewis Film Re-imagines Vast Challenge of Climate Change (10/02/15) [15:17], Part 2 [15:17]
This Changes Everything (trailer) (08/27/15) [2:22]
This Changes website
People (Speakers) I Like and Trust
College Kingwood | Lawrence Wilkerson: The Travails of Empire (09/24/15) [1:25:11]
Naomi Klein, "This Changes Everything" (08/07/15) [1:09:49]
*TRNN | Taking from the Many to Give to the Few - David Cay Johnston on Reality Asserts Itself, Part 1 (older, 10/03/14) [14:12]
TRNN | Judith Butler and Dima Khalidi discuss: Reports Expose Zionists Stifling Dissent on US Campuses (10/04/15) [26:24]
TRNN | Sami Ramadani: The Syrian Civil War and Big Power Rivalry (older) [15:33]
TYT | President Obama On Umpqua Mass Shooting (10/03/15) [13:11]
TYT | STUDY: White People Believe They Face Greater Hardships Than Others (10/03/15) [5:07]
*RT | CrossTalk: Reformable UN? (10/05/15) [23:50]
Diane Rehm Show -
DR | Another Mass Shooting And New Calls To End U.S. Gun Violence (10/05/15) [1hr]
Corporate Welfare -
Click picture to zoom in
Conspiracy Theory Rock (1998) [2:27]
"Conspiracy Theory Rock." This cartoon created by SNL cartoonist Robert Smigel in 1998 ran once in a "TV Funhouse" segment, and has been since removed from all subsequent airings of the Saturday Night Live episodes.
Thom Hartmann -
NPR (National Public Radio) -
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) -
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes -
Other Videos and Documentaries I Ran Across
Note: I don't endorse any of the videos in this section.
As I construct My News Pages I constantly run across a lot of NEW videos, and since I find YouTube frustrating trying to re-find videos, I save the links in this section so I can find them again.

Friday October 02, 2015
News Articles

Guns Kill An Average Of 36 People Every Day, And The Nation Doesn't Even Blink
HP | Nick Wing | 10/01/15

The nation was once again confronted with the horror of a deadly school shooting on Thursday, this time a massacre at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon. A gunman killed at least 10 people and wounded seven before police fatally shot him. It marked the 45th shooting on a school campus this year, according to Everytown for Gun Safety, a group pushing for legislative reforms to reduce gun violence. It was the 142nd shooting at a school since the December 2012 rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. ... Read more

There Have Been 45 Shootings At Schools So Far This Year

The mass shooting at a community college in Oregon also marks the 142nd shooting at a school since Newtown.
Brokers of Deceit: How the U.S. Has Undermined Peace in the Middle East by Rashid Khalidi

... Khalidi closely analyzes three historical moments that illuminate how the United States' involvement has, in fact, thwarted progress toward peace between Israel and Palestine. The first moment he investigates is the "Reagan Plan" of 1982, when Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin refused to accept the Reagan administration's proposal to reframe the Camp David Accords more impartially. The second moment covers the period after the Madrid Peace Conference, from 1991 to 1993, during which negotiations between Israel and Palestine were brokered by the United States until the signing of the secretly negotiated Oslo accords. Finally, Khalidi takes on President Barack Obama's retreat from plans to insist on halting the settlements in the West Bank....

This Meme Reveals the Stark Difference Between Bernie and Hillary
U.S. Uncut | James Woods | 08/19/15

The Internet is abuzz with Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton memes. But with no sources for any of the claims listed, we decided to do some research and find out just how different the two Democratic Primary front-runners are and if these assertions were factually correct. ...
Click picture to zoom in

The 80/20 Rule Is Crushing The Economy
ZeroHedge | author | 10/02/15

In business, the 80/20 rule states that 80% of your business will come from 20% of your customers. In an economy that is more than 2/3rds driven by consumption, such an imbalance of the "have" and "have not's" impedes real economic growth.

I have often written about the disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street. As shown in the chart below, while asset prices were inflated by continued interventions of monetary policy from the Federal Reserve it only benefitted the small portion of the population with assets invested in the market. ... Read more
Click picture to zoom in

US Factory Orders Flash Recession Warning - Drop YoY For 10th Month In A Row.

The Dangerous Illusion That Risk Can Be Offloaded Onto Others
ZeroHedge | author | 10/02/15

Central bank intervention/financial repression provides the illusion thay systemic risk has been disappeared, and this pushes all asset classes into correlation. The idea that some assets will escape the implosion is also illusory; what appeared uncorrelated can suddenly correlate overnight, destroying the entire fantasy that risk can be offloaded onto others. ... Read more

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Friday, October 02 [8:06]
DN | Rashid Khalidi on Syria: The Beginning of This Mess was the 2003 U.S. Invasion of Iraq (10/02/15) [16:19]
Russia has launched airstrikes in Syria for a second day, becoming the latest foreign government to intervene in a war that has already killed over 240,000 people and displaced millions. The move sparked concern from U.S. officials, who say the Russian attacks did not hit ISIL targets but instead struck rebel groups fighting against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, including at least one group trained by the CIA. The United States and Russia have long disagreed about strategy in Syria, with Washington calling for Assad's departure and Moscow backing the Syrian president. Earlier today, the Kremlin said Russia is coordinating with the Syrian military to hit ISIL targets as well as other militant organizations. Russia is at least the 10th foreign government to launch airstrikes in Syria this year. Other countries include the United States, Britain, Canada, France, Australia, Turkey, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. We speak to Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi.
Diane Rehm Show
DR | Friday News Roundup -- Domestic (10/02/15) [1hr]
DR | Friday News Roundup -- International (10/02/15) [1hr]
TRNN | Joseph Daher and Jennifer Loewenstein argue: Inter-Imperial Feuds and the Lost Revolution in Syria, Part 1 (10/02/15) [10:51]
TYT | 13 Dead In Oregon College Shooting (10/01/15) [12:45]
TYT | The True Price Of Prescription Drugs (10/01/15) [4:01]
TYT | Trump: I Would Send the Syrian Refugees Back (10/01/15) [7:59]
RT | CrossTalk: Mideast Alliances (10/02/15) [24:46]
RoF | Pharma Price Gouging Out of Control (10/01/15) [11:32]
RoF | Ring of Fire (E184) - Syria, The Pope And Planned Parenthood (full) (10/01/15) [29:00]
Thom Hartmann -
NPR (National Public Radio) -
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) -
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes -
MSNBC | Rep. Chris Van Hollen calls on Speaker Boehner to bring 'commonsense measures' on guns up for a vote (10/01/15) [3:35]
Other Videos and Documentaries I Ran Across
Note: I don't endorse any of the videos in this section.
As I construct My News Pages I constantly run across a lot of NEW videos, and since I find YouTube frustrating trying to re-find videos, I save the links in this section so I can find them again.

Thursday October 01, 2015
News Articles

Secret Service Wanted To Leak 'Embarrassing' Info On Congressman
HP | Ryan J. Reilly | 09/30/15

Dozens of Secret Service personnel inappropriately accessed private information on a member of Congress who was conducting oversight of the agency, in a pattern the Department of Homeland Security's watchdog called "deeply disturbing."

The DHS Inspector General on Wednesday released the results of an investigation into who leaked information about how Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), who conducts oversight of the Secret Service, had been rejected for a position in the agency years ago. The report found that 45 different Secret Service employees in a variety of different locations accessed the record, but only four of them may have had a legitimate reason to do so. ... Read more
RachellMaddow | Planned Parenthood president stands up to House GOP grilling (09/29/15) [9:37]

We're Surrounded by Way More Chemicals Than We Thought, and These Doctors Say We're Screwed
MotherJones Magazine | Gabrielle Canon | 10/01/15

The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO), a group representing OB-GYNs from 125 countries, released a report detailing the detrimental health effects caused by even small exposure to common chemicals like the ones found in pesticides, plastics, and air pollution. The health problems are even greater for babies exposed in the womb, who face increased risks of cancer, reduced cognitive function, and even miscarriage or stillbirth.

The organization cited concerns about the sharp increase over the past four decades in chemical manufacturing, which continues to grow by more than 3 percent every year. Some 30,000 pounds of chemicals were manufactured or imported for every person in the United States in 2012 alone--a whopping 9.5 trillion pounds in total. Annually, the FIGO authors write, chemical manufacturing leads to 7 million deaths and billions in health care costs. ... Read more

Hepatitis C drugs cost more than $1,000 a pill in the U.S. Curiously, the same pills cost as little as $10 a pill in emerging countries. A National Institutes of Health analysis that stated that drug prices "simply reflect what the market will bear."

The 9 Most Expensive Medicines in the World -- Courtesy of Big Pharma
AlterNet | Larry Schwartz | 09/29/15

Hedge funder Martin Shkreli reminded everyone of the sky-high -- and seemingly arbitrary -- costs of prescription medicines in this country when he bought and immediately increased the price of an established drug used to fight a parasitic infection. The price hike was eye-popping, from $13.50 a pill to $750 per pill, prompting Dr. Judith Aberg of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to ask, "What is it that they are doing differently that has led to this dramatic increase?" Shkreli's answer was similar to what Big Pharma trots out all the time -- the extra money will help them to make better drugs.

The business of developing and selling prescription drugs is not just big. It's huge. Sales for prescription meds in the world are expected to reach $1.3 trillion by 2018. That equates to 1.3% of the world's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). To put it another way, Big Pharma's sales are bigger than the annual GDP of all but 15 countries on the planet. In the United States alone, seven out of 10 Americans are taking prescription medications. Almost 4 billion prescriptions were written in the U.S. last year. And for the unluckiest of us, those prescriptions cost dearly. Six-figure dearly. ... Read more

  1. Myozyme | Cost: $100,000 to $300,000 per year | Myozyme is a medication used to treat a rare but debilitating disease called Pompe. Pompe attacks the skeletal muscles and the heart of the patient.
  2. Acthar | Cost: $300,000 per year | Acthar is a medication used to treat seizures in infants under the age of two.
  3. Folotyn | Cost: $320,000 a year | Manufactured by Allos Therapeutics, Folotyn is used to fight a rare and aggressive cancer, T-cell lymphoma.
  4. Cinryze | Cost: $350,000 a year | Cinryze is used to treat angioedema, a hereditary disease affecting as few as 1 in 50,000 people in the U.S. Angioedema causes swelling of the hands, throat and abdomen.
  5. Naglazyme | Cost: $365,000 a year | Naglazyme is used to treat a children's disease known as Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome, which affects connective tissue. Sufferers of the syndrome have improperly developed muscles, joints and tissues, often resulting in dwarfism. Children with the disease also suffer from heart disease and sometimes neurological damage, eye damage, deafness and brain damage.
  6. Elaprase | Cost: $375,000 a year | At a price that exceeds most houses, Elaprase treats Hunter syndrome, a rare condition affecting approximately 500 people in the U.S. An inherited disease, it inhibits physical growth and brain development.
  7. Vimizim | Cost: $380,000 a year | Vimizim is an enzyme replace treatment used to treat Morquio A syndrome, a disease affecting only about 800 people in the U.S. The syndrome prevents the sufferer's body from breaking down long-chain sugar molecules, resulting in abnormal heart and skeletal development, dwarfism and other serious defects.
  8. Soliris | Cost: $440,000 a year | Soliris wins the prize as the most expensive drug in the United States. Unlike many of the drugs on this list, at least Soliris can claim to be a very effective drug, treating paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, a disorder affecting about 8,000 Americans. The disease destroys red blood cells, making the patient susceptible to infection, anemia and blood clots.
  9. Glybera | Cost: $1.21 million a year | And the title of "Most Expensive Drug in the Entire World" goes to Glybera, a drug so far not approved in the U.S. but recently approved in the European Union. Glybera is a gene therapy used to treat a condition called familial lipoprotein lipase deficiency, a disease affecting only about one in 1 million people. In the EU, fewer than 200 people are affected by it. The deficiency causes extremely painful swelling of the pancreas.
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Thursday, October 01 [9:48]
DN | "The Jury Never Heard It": Richard Glossip to Be Executed In Oklahoma Today Despite New Evidence (09/30/15) [20:53]
Stephen Colbert - The Late Show
SC | Elizabeth Warren Is Fighting To Fix The Government (09/24/15) [2:03]
SC | Ellen Page Talks "Freeheld" And LGBT Progress (09/30/15) [6:34]
Ellen Page stopped by to talk about her latest film "Freeheld," and give some insight into how hearts and minds have changed regarding the LGBT community.
Diane Rehm Show
DR | The Debate Over Drug Pricing (10/01/15) [1hr]
MSNBC RachelMaddow | How Reaganomics Destroyed The Middle Class...And Maybe America (12/04/10) [8:26]
Click to see additional charts
TRNN | Ali Abunimah, co-founder of the Electronic Intifada, says: Abbas UN Speech: "Bombshell" or Wet Firecracker? (09/30/15) [9:55]
TRNN | Journalist Andrea Ixchiu and Alex Main of the Center for Economic and Policy Research: Latin American Leaders Demand UN Reforms (10/01/15) [22:37]
TYT | Republican Admits Benghazi "Scandal" Manufactured To Hurt Hillary Clinton (10/01/15) [6:03]
TYT | Congressman: I've Never Used Planned Parenthood And I'm Just Fine! (10/01/15) [5:49]
RT | Keiser Report: Market Wasteland (E817) (10/01/15) [25:45]
RT | CrossTalk: Putin's United Nations (09/30/15) [24:02]
RoF | Elizabeth Warren Slams Trickle Down Myth (09/30/15) [2:10]
Thom Hartmann -
ThomHartmann | Politics Panel: Trump Has a Great Tax Plan for the 1% (10/01/15) [4:36]

Wednesday September 30, 2015
News Articles

With Glencore, Commodity Rout Beginning to Look Like a Crisis
Bloomberg | Bradley Olson | 009/28/15

The 15-month commodities free-fall is starting to resemble a full-blown crisis. Investors are reacting to diminished demand from China and an end to the cheap-money era provided by the Federal Reserve. A Bloomberg index of commodity futures has fallen 50 percent since a 2011 high, and eight of the 10 worst performers in the Standard & Poor's 500 Index this year are commodities-related businesses.

Now it all seems to be coming apart at once. Alcoa Inc., the biggest U.S. aluminum producer, said it would break itself into two companies amid a glut stemming from booming production. Royal Dutch Shell Plc announced it would abandon its drilling campaign in U.S. Arctic waters after spending $7 billion. And the carnage culminated Monday with Glencore Plc, the commodities powerhouse that came to symbolize the era with its initial public offering in 2011 and bold acquisition of a rival in 2013, falling by as much as 31 percent in London trading. ... Read more
BB| What's Behind Glencore's Freefall? (09/28/15) [4:22]

Glencore has lostabout 75% of its value this year.

Forget Glencore: This Is The Real "Systemic Risk" Among The Commodity Traders
ZeroHedge | author | 09/29/15

Who is Trafigura? Only the world's third largest private commodity trader after Vitol and Glencore.

First, a quick look at Trafigura bonds reveals that the contagion from the Glencore commodity-trader collapse, which "nobody could possibly predict" two months ago and which has rapidly become the market's biggest black swan, has spread and we now have a new contender. And while Trafigura's equity is privately held, it does have publicly-traded bonds. They just cratered: ... Read more

Global 'Wealth' Destruction - World Market Cap Plunges $13 Trillion To 2 Year Lows.

Paul Craig Roberts: Obama Deifies American Hegemony
ZeroHedge | author | 09/29/15

Today is the 70th anniversary of the UN. It is not clear how much good the UN has done. Some UN Blue Hemet peacekeeping operations had limited success. But mainly Washington has used the UN for war, such as the Korean War and Washington's Cold War against the Soviet Union. In our time Washington had UN tanks sent in against Bosnian Serbs during the period that Washington was dismantling Yugoslavia and Serbia and accusing Serbian leaders, who tried to defend the integrity of their country against Washington's aggression, of "war crimes." ... Read more
GregHunter | Dr. Paul Craig Roberts-Belief U.S. Can Win Nuclear War Makes it Likely (06/03/14) [26:26]

The Start Of China's Unrest? Southern China City Rocked By "Massive" Bomb Explosions, At Least 6 Dead
ZeroHedge | author | 09/30/15

Over the weekend when we reported that one of China's largest coal miners had laid off 100,000, or 40% of its workforce, we noted that China's hard-landing is starting to hit where it really hurts: employment, or rather the lack thereof, and the one logical consequence: "now, many migrant workers struggle to find their footing in a downshifting economy. As factories run out of money and construction projects turn idle across China, there has been a rise in the last thing Beijing wants to see: unrest." ... Read more

More News
  1. Global Rally Shows Relief at End of $11 Trillion Stocks Meltdown (BBG)
  2. Glencore Extends Rebound as Turmoil Shows Signs of Easing (BBG)
  3. Putin wins parliamentary backing for air strikes in Syria (Reuters)
  4. China Cuts Minimum Home Down Payment for First-Time Buyers (BBG)
  5. German Unemployment Unexpectedly Rises in Sign of Economic Risks (BBG)
  6. Japan Industrial Output Slide Hints at Recession (WSJ)
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, September 30 [11:34]
DN | Robert Reich: Donald Trump & Jeb Bush Plans Would Slash Taxes for the 1 Percent (09/30/15) [5:04]
DN | Robert Reich on "Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few" (09/30/15) [7:05]
DN | Bernie Sanders Tells the Truth: Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich on His Surging Campaign (09/30/15) [9:39]
Diane Rehm Show
DR | Planned Parenthood And The Debate Over Fetal Tissue Research (09/30/15) [1hr]
MSNBC Rachel Maddow
RachellMaddow | Planned Parenthood president stands up to House GOP grilling (09/29/15) [9:37]
Click picture to zoom in
TRNN | Ajamu Baraka and Andile Mngxitama discuss: African Leaders at the UN Speak for Imperialism, Not Our Continent, Says Activist (09/30/15) [13:09]
TRNN | Is Obama Fighting ISIS, Assad or Russia? (09/30/15) [9:53]
TYT | Carly Fiorina Made Up Horrible Story To Defund Planned Parenthood (09/29/15) [5:41]
TYT | Planned Parenthood President SCHOOLS Republican Congressman (09/29/15) [9:43]
TYT | Trump's Tax Plan Explained (09/28/15) [15:00]
TYT | Jeb Bush's Tax Plan Explained (09/28/15) [8:12]
RT | Russian parliament approves use of military in Syria to fight ISIS (09/30/15) [14:41]
RoF | Ring of Fire (E182) - Good Week for The Pope, Bad Week for John Boehner (09/29/15) [29:00]
Thom Hartmann -
ThomHartmann | Zionism & Israel's War with Hamas: A Conversation with Max Blumenthal (09/29/15) [57:07]
Click to see additional charts

Tuesday September 29, 2015
News Articles

Reaganomics killed America's middle class
Salon & AlterNet | Thom Hartmann | older, 04/19/14

There's nothing "normal" about having a middle class. Having a middle class is a choice that a society has to make, and it's a choice we need to make again in this generation, if we want to stop the destruction of the remnants of the last generation's middle class.

Despite what you might read in the Wall Street Journal or see on Fox News, capitalism is not an economic system that produces a middle class. In fact, if left to its own devices, capitalism tends towards vast levels of inequality and monopoly. The natural and most stable state of capitalism actually looks a lot like the Victorian England depicted in Charles Dickens' novels.

At the top there is a very small class of superrich. Below them, there is a slightly larger, but still very small, "middle" class of professionals and mercantilists -- doctor, lawyers, shop-owners -- who help keep things running for the superrich and supply the working poor with their needs. And at the very bottom there is the great mass of people -- typically over 90 percent of the population -- who make up the working poor. They have no wealth -- in fact they're typically in debt most of their lives -- and can barely survive on what little money they make.

You can see this trend today in America. When we had heavily regulated and taxed capitalism in the post-war era, the largest employer in America was General Motors, and they paid working people what would be, in today's dollars, about $50 an hour with benefits. Reagan began deregulating and cutting taxes on capitalism in 1981, and today, with more classical "raw capitalism," what we call "Reaganomics," or "supply side economics," our nation's largest employer is WalMart and they pay around $10 an hour. ... ... Read more

Click picture to zoom in
500,000 AND COUNTING... Europe's Migrant And Refugee Crisis
BofA Issues Dramatic Junk Bond Meltdown Warning: This "Train Wreck Is Accelerating"

Why The Fed Can't Stop The Next Market Crash
ZeroHedge | author | 09/29/15

... The Fed was late to prevent the popping of the last two bubbles, and it's already too late to stop the popping of this one. The Fed is consistently behind on the timing of when to reintroduce stimulus because its only choice to deal with the bubble it's created is let it crash, or blow it up even bigger which would result in an even harder landing. While the Fed ponders when the rate hike comes, our question is: When does QE4 start? ... Read more
Click picture to zoom in

The U.S. Navy's Newest Aircraft Carrier USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) (05/31/15) [17:25]
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Tuesday, September 29 [11:57]
DN | Obama & Putin Spar at U.N.: Will Regime Change in Syria Further Destabilize War-Torn Nation? (09/29/15) [21:13]
John Oliver
HBO | John Oliver Lays Into Fox News Over Anti-Muslim Refugee Warning (09/28/15) [17:55]
Daily Show -
Trevor Noah Pays Homage to Jon Stewart in First Daily Show Opening (09/28/15) [2:30]
Republicans may not be that upset about House Speaker John Boehner's resignation (09/28/15) [6:02]
How Free Markets turned into Crony Capitalism
Diane Rehm Show
DR | President Obama At The UN And Prospects For US Cooperation With Russia In Syria (09/29/15) [1hr]
DR | After John Boehner's Resignation, What's Next For Republicans In Congress? (09/28/15) [1hr]
TRNN | Paul Jay and Vijay Prashad discuss: Obama Versus Putin at the U.N. (09/28/15) [25:52]
TRNN | Leftists Love Bernie Sanders, But Here's Why Many Won't Be Voting For Him (09/28/15) [25:52]
TRNN | Carl Wassillie and Daphne Wysham say: Is Shell's Move to Abandon Arctic Drilling a Victory for Environmentalists? (09/28/15) [10:50]
RT | Collin Powell: Russia & US need to cooperate, not to be fighting each other (09/28/15) [5:08]
RT | 'Do you realise what you've done?' Putin addresses UNGA 2015 (09/27/15) [24:27]
RT | 'Iran will not forget imposed war & sanctions': Iranian President Rouhani UNGA (09/28/15) [22:58]
RoF | Obstruction of Justice (09/29/15) [10:03]
RoF | Pap Attack: For Bankers Crime Does Pay (09/29/15)
Other Videos and Documentaries I Ran Across
Note: I don't endorse any of the videos in this section.
As I construct My News Pages I constantly run across a lot of NEW videos, and since I find YouTube frustrating trying to re-find videos, I save the links in this section so I can find them again.
GregHunter | Fed May Take Rates Negative, Bond and Stock Markets Crash Warning, Trump Can Win (09/17/15) [20:09] | Why the Fed CAN'T Raise Interest Rates Without COLLAPSING the Global Economy! (04/23/15) [19:00]
Money for Nothing - Inside the Federal Reserve () [1:43:42]
BEWARE: This is a "LIES by OMISSION" and DISTORTION piece of Fed Propaganda. Sure it has true information in it, all good propaganda does, but it will lead you astray from the truth. There is no reason to pay interest to a private bank when it's suppose to be OUR MONEY.

Monday September 28, 2015
News Articles

The Rage Regiment
magazine | author | date

From John Boehner To Government Shutdown, 2016 Campaign Is Pushing Congress To The Edge

The race to capture the Republican presidential nomination in 2016 has left candidates jockeying to be the ultimate outsider, playing to the hearts of voters fed up with politics as usual. And one of the most battered targets of those candidates is Boehner.

Why isn't the government securing the border? Boehner. Why isn't Obamacare or Planned Parenthood defunded? Boehner. The outright disgust at those in the old guard, or those who have served entire careers in elected office, is a wave that candidates like Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson are riding eagerly, proclaiming their outsider status with angry taunts at immigrants, Muslims, and establishment Republicans. ... Read more

Exxon: The Road Not Taken | Neela Banerjee | 09/21/15

Exxon's Own Research Confirmed Fossil Fuels' Role in Global Warming Decades Ago

At a meeting in Exxon Corporation's headquarters, a senior company scientist named James F. Black addressed an audience of powerful oilmen. Speaking without a text as he flipped through detailed slides, Black delivered a sobering message: carbon dioxide from the world's use of fossil fuels would warm the planet and could eventually endanger humanity.

"In the first place, there is general scientific agreement that the most likely manner in which mankind is influencing the global climate is through carbon dioxide release from the burning of fossil fuels," Black told Exxon's Management Committee, according to a written version he recorded later.

It was July 1977 when Exxon's leaders received this blunt assessment, well before most of the world had heard of the looming climate crisis. ... Read more
DN | Inside Exxon's Great Climate Cover-Up (09/24/15) [13:17]

Shell Just Scrapped Its Arctic Drilling Plans for "the Foreseeable Future"
The Saudi-9/11 Coverup: Did The Saudis Finance 9/11? (02/10/15) [48:59]

UBS Is About To Blow The Cover On A Massive Gold-Rigging Scandal
ZeroHedge | author | 09/28/15

Unlike previous gold probe cases, this one will have major consequences. How do we know? Because just like in LIBOR-gate, just like in FX-gate, it is the biggest rat of all, Swiss megabank UBS, that is about to turn on its former criminal peers. As Bloomberg reported earlier "UBS was granted conditional leniency in Swiss antitrust probe of possible manipulation of precious metal prices." Why would UBS do this? The same reason UBS did so on at least on two prior occasions: the regulators have definitive proof it is involved, and gave it the option to turn evidence and to rat out its cartel peers, or face even more massive financial penalties. UBS, as usual, choice the former. ... Read more

Glencore Implodes: Stock Plunges Most Ever, CDS Blow Out To Record Up On Equity Wipeout Fears
magazine | author | date

Update: And there it is: Glencore Debt Insurance Costs Surge to Record High; 5-yr Credit Default Swaps Rise 207 Basis Points From Friday's Close to 757 Basis Points. Those who listened to our reco to buy Glencore CDS at 170 bps in March 2014 can take the rest of the year off. As of this moment, GLEN Credit Default Swap were pushing on 600 bps, 4 times wider, and on pace to take out the 2011 liquidity crunch highs. After that, it's smooth sailing to all time wides and the start of a self-fulfilling prophecy which leads to the Companys's IG downgrade and the collapse of trillions in derivative notionals as what may be the trading desk of the biggest commodity counterparty quietly goes out of business. ... Read more

Here's Your Chance to Play With a Wind-Powered Strandbeest
Wired Magazine | Liz Stins | 09/22/15

Theo Jansen gathered with a small group of people last week to bring Animaris Suspendisse back from the dead. All 43 feet of it was standing in the exhibition hall of Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts, stately and inert like the fossilized remains of a long-extinct creature. But Animaris Suspendisse was not designed to stand still. It was built -- out of PVC pipe, mostly -- to move. ... Read more
Click to see it move

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, September 28 [13:14]
DN | Journalism is Not a Crime: Freed Al Jazeera Reporter Peter Greste Seeks Pardon from Egypt (09/28/15) [10:44]
PBS Frontline: NSA - "United States of Secrets"
PBS Frontline: United States of Secrets website
How the NSA Can Get Onto Your iPhone (05/28/14) [1:07]
How the NSA Can Get Onto Your Computer (05/28/14) [1:10]
How the NSA's Secret Elite Hacking Unit Works (05/28/14) [0:50]
PBS Frontline
PBS Frontline | Growing Up Trans (06/30/15) [1:24:12]
PBS NOVA | Dawn of Humanity - Deep in a South African cave, an astounding discovery reveals clues to what made us human. (09/10/15) [1:53:10]
TRNN | Abby Martin & Chris Hedges: War, Propaganda and the Enemy Within (09/26/15) [28:27]
Click picture to zoom in
TRNN | Medea Benjamin and Vijay Prashad: Is the Pope a Man of the Left? (09/26/15) [19:54]
TYT | Jeb Bush's Policies Make Complete Sense... If You're Eight. (09/27/15) [5:24]
TYT | Ted Cruz Wants To Assassinate Iran's Supreme Leader (09/27/15) [4:17]
TYT | Drug CEO Raises Price Of AIDS Medicine By 5000% (09/27/15) [5:23]
TYT | Brian Kilmeade (Fox News): The Pope Should Go To China Instead (09/27/15) [3:42]
TYT | Geraldo Rivera And Eric Bolling (both Fox News) REALLY Don't Like Each Other over Iran(09/27/15) [4:25]
TYT | Think You're A Christian? Better Check With Mike Huckabee First... (09/27/15) [6:48]
RT | UN General Assembly (UNGA) (09/27/15) [1:27:16]
RT | CrossTalk: Exiting recession (09/28/15) [23:50]
RT | UN Deputy Sec-Gen: ISIS was allowed to flourish, grow into monster in Syria (09/27/15) [1:54]
Thom Hartmann -

Friday September 25, 2015
News Articles

Jeb Bush: The Pope Shouldn't Discuss Climate Change Because 'He's Not A Scientist'
HP | Marina Fang | 09/24/15

"Put aside Pope Francis on the subject of any political conversation," he said. "I oppose the president's policy as it relates to climate change because it will destroy the ability to re-industrialize the country, to allow for people to get higher wage jobs, for people to rise up."

Bush, who is Catholic, was one of several GOP candidates who saw Francis during his visit to Washington, D.C. During his three-day U.S. trip, the pontiff has made climate change a key part of his message. In his address to Congress on Thursday, he called on leaders to take "courageous actions and strategies" to address and combat climate change. ...

... Remember GOP presidential candidate and former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Penn.) made the same accusation as Bush, saying that the pontiff should "leave science to the scientists." However, Francis holds a degree as a chemical technician and worked as a chemist before becoming a priest. ... Read more
Jeb Bush: The Pope Shouldn't Discuss Climate Change Because 'He's Not A Scientist' (09/24/15) [1:46]

Divine Intervention? House Speaker Boehner Resigns From Congress (Amid "Conservative Coup")
ZeroHedge | author | 09/25/15

The combination of another debt limit fight, the defunding of Planned Parenthood, and prospect of another government shutdown tearing his party apart, the GOP just suffered its latest major blow, when news hit that House speaker John Boehner, just 24 hours after getting a visit by none other than the Pope, is folding one last time: according to the NYT, "Speaker John A. Boehner will resign from Congress and give up his House seat at the end of October." ... Read more

UMich Consumer Confidence Tumbles To Lowest Since October, Worst Drop In 4 Years

The Stock Markets Of The 10 Largest Global Economies Are All Crashing
ZeroHedge | author | 09/25/15

Right now, stock market wealth is being wiped out all over the planet, and none of the largest global economies have been exempt from this. The following is a summary of what we have seen in recent days...

  1. The United States -- The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down more than 2000 points since the peak of the market. Last month we saw stocks decline by more than 500 points on consecutive trading days for the first time ever, and there has not been this much turmoil in U.S. markets since the fall of 2008.
  2. China -- The Shanghai Composite Index has plummeted nearly 40 percent since hitting a peak earlier this year. The Chinese economy is steadily slowing down, and we just learned that China's manufacturing index has hit a 78 month low.
  3. Japan -- The Nikkei has experienced extremely violent moves recently, and it is now down more than 3000 points from the peak that was hit earlier in 2015. The Japanese economy and the Japanese financial system are both basket cases at this point, and it isn't going to take much to push Japan into a full-blown financial collapse.
  4. Germany -- Almost one-fourth of the value of German stocks has already been wiped out, and this crash threatens to get much worse. The Volkswagen emissions scandal is making headlines all over the globe, and don't forget to watch for massive trouble at Germany's biggest bank.
  5. The United Kingdom -- British stocks are down about 16 percent from the peak of the market, and the UK economy is definitely on shaky ground.
  6. France -- French stocks have declined nearly 18 percent, and it has become exceedingly apparent that France is on the exact same path that Greece has already gone down.
  7. Brazil -- Brazil is the epicenter of the South American financial crisis of 2015. Stocks in Brazil have plunged more than 12,000 points since the peak, and the nation has already officially entered a new recession.
  8. Italy -- Watch Italy. Italian stocks are already down 15 percent, and look for the Italian economy to make very big headlines in the months ahead.
  9. India -- Stocks in India have now dropped close to 4000 points, and analysts are deeply concerned about this major exporting nation as global trade continues to contract.
  10. Russia -- Even though the price of oil has crashed, Russia is actually doing better than almost everyone else on this list. Russian stocks have fallen by about 10 percent so far, and if the price of oil stays this low the Russian financial system will continue to suffer.

What we are witnessing now is the continuation of a cycle of financial downturns that has happened every seven years. The following is a summary of how this cycle has played out over the past 50 years...

  1. It started in 1966 with a 20 percent stock market crash.
  2. Seven years later, the market lost another 45 percent (1973-74).
  3. Seven years later was the beginning of the "hard recession" (1980).
  4. Seven years later was the Black Monday crash of 1987.
  5. Seven years later was the bond market crash of 1994.
  6. Seven years later was 9/11 and the 2001 tech bubble collapse.
  7. Seven years later was the 2008 global financial collapse.
  8. 2015: ??????
Click picture to zoom in
Read more

Click picture to zoom in

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Friday, September 25 [9:23]
DN | Greenpeace's Kumi Naidoo Praises Pope for Linking Climate Fight to Inequality & Poverty (09/25/15) [7:25]
DN | Pope Francis Urges U.S. to End Arms Trade & Open Doors to Immigrants (09/25/15) [5:25]
Stephen Colbert
StephenColbert | Mr. Pope Goes To Washington (09/24/15) [5:41]
CBS 60 Minutes
PBS Frontline
PBS Frontline | Escaping ISIS (07/14/15) [54:11]
PBS NOVA | Arctic Ghost Ship (09/23/15) [53:10]
TYT | Why Cenk Uygur LOVES Pope Francis (09/24/15) [12:57]
TYT | Girl Delivers Heartwarming Plea To Pope Francis (09/24/15) [6:31]
TYT | Trump Wants His Foreign Policy To Be "Unpredictable" (09/24/15) [3:30]
Diane Rehm Show
Friday News Roundup -- Domestic (09/25/15) [1hr]
Friday News Roundup -- International (09/25/15) [1hr]
RT | Pope Francis in Congress: Land of the free & home of the brave (09/24/15) [7:00]
RT | CrossTalk: Saving Syria (09/25/15) [24:11]
RT | Keiser Report: Low productivity or just Twitter zombies? (E814) (09/24/15) [25:45]
RoF | Wealthy Donors Not As Generous As Republicans Had Hoped (09/24/15) [4:18]
Thom Hartmann -
ThomHartmann | Greed is the "Dung of the Devil" (09/25/15) [10:45]
Other Videos and Documentaries I Ran Across
Note: I don't endorse any of the videos in this section.
As I construct My News Pages I constantly run across a lot of NEW videos, and since I find YouTube frustrating trying to re-find videos, I save the links in this section so I can find them again.

Thursday September 24, 2015
News Articles

*Overwhelming the World with Good
HP | 09/23/15 | date

We usually think and talk about peace as the absence of bad things. Peace is a lack of war. Peace is a lack of violence. But true peace isn't just the absence of bad; it is the presence of good. Peace is people having their most-basic human needs met. Peace is people exchanging knowledge and ideas. Peace is people sharing an abiding and mutual respect. Peace is people working together toward a common goal.

Two days ago, the world celebrated its 34th International Day of Peace. Two days from now, leaders from around the globe will gather at the United Nations and pledge their commitment to 17 Sustainable Development Goals, among them, Goal 16, promoting peace and justice. This week, then, is a perfect occasion for us to reflect on a concept that we all strive toward but whose true meaning often escapes us. ... Read more

*Pope Francis' First Whirlwind Day In U.S. Focused On Climate Change, Reconciliation
AP & HP | Julie Pace | 09/24/15/span>

Cheered by jubilant crowds across the nation's capital, Pope Francis forged common cause Wednesday with President Barack Obama on climate change, immigration and inequality, as the popular pontiff signaled he would not sidestep issues that have deeply divided Americans.

On his first full day in the United States, the pope also reached out to America's 450 bishops, many of whom have struggled to come to terms with his new social justice-minded direction for the Catholic Church. ... Read more

Hundreds Killed In Stampede Outside Mecca
Reuters & HP & RT | Nidal al-Mughrabi | 09/24/15

MINA, Saudi Arabia, Sept 24 (Reuters) - At least 717 pilgrims were killed on Thursday in a stampede at Mina, outside the Muslim holy city of Mecca, where some two million people are performing the annual haj pilgrimage, Saudi authorities said.

At least 805 others were injured in the crush, which occurred when two large groups of pilgrims arrived together at a crossroads on Street 204 at the camp city at Mina, a few kilometers east of Mecca, the Saudi civil defense said. The pilgrimage, the world's largest annual gathering of people, has been the scene of deadly disasters in the past, including stampedes, tent fires and riots. ... Read more
RT | Mecca Stampede: Hundreds killed and injured at Hajj pilgrimage (09/24/15) [0:40]

Currency Carnage: The Global FX Heatmap Is A Bloodbath
ZeroHedge | author | 09/24/15

If it was Janet Yellen's intention when deciding not to hike rates to stop the surge of the USD against emerging market currencies in hopes of halting the relentless global capital outflows and the resulting Quantitative Tightning, to avoid a new global currency crisis... she failed. ... Read more

An Un"real" Move: Brazil Currency In Freefall After Record Low Consumer Confidence
magazine | author | date

On Wednesday, we got what might fairly be characterized as the first sign that Brazil has reached the point of no return. The country's recent woes are no secret and the S&P downgrade served notice to the entire world that that at least some very "serious" people believe that the negative feedback loop between the country's economic and political crises may soon serve to tip one of the world's most important emerging economies into chaos.

But what happened on Wednesday marked a new low. By almost all accounts, the move by Brazilian lawmakers to uphold 26 of President Dilma Rousseff's 32 expenditure vetoes should have given the plunging real some respite. Only it didn't. The BRL's harrowing slide continued unabated, forcing the central bank to intervene with swaps and an FX credit line in what Rabobank's Christian Lawrence says is a pretty clear sign of "panic". ... Read more
Click picture to zoom in

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Thursday, September 24 [10:40]
*DN | Inside Exxon's Great Climate Cover-Up (09/24/15) [13:17]
DN | "We Are Living at a Critical Moment of History": The Pope on Poverty, Immigration & Climate Change (09/24/15) [9:48]
Stephen Colbert - Late Night
Stephen Colbert Is Concerned About Jeb Bush (09/22/15) [3:49]
*TRNN | Chris Hedges: A Progressive Pope or Greenwashing the Vatican? (09/24/15) [22:23]
TRNN | Shir Hever says: Netanyahu Meets Putin Looking for Existential Threat to Israel (09/24/15) [11:51]
Syria -Russia Weapons Deal answer to US Polish missiles Deal (08/23/15) [1:54]
*TYT | UK Elects Socialist Leader Jeremy Corbyn. Will He Succeed? (09/23/15) [12:21]
*TYT | Conservatives Can't Stand Pope Francis (09/23/15) [7:48]
*TYT | Volkswagen CEO Resigns After Dieselgate Cheating Scandal Dubbed (09/23/15) [8:44]
*TYT | Greedy Drug CEO Caves But Will He Actually Lower Price? (09/23/15) [6:56]
*TYT | Dr. Ben Carson Thinks Satan Invented Big Bang Theory (09/23/15) [11:23]
RoF | Let's Be Honest: If Any Republican Wins In 2016, We're Screwed (09/23/15) [3:17]
RoF | Ring of Fire (E179) - Goodnight, Sweet Prince (full) (09/23/15) [29:00]
Thom Hartmann -
*ThomHartmann | The Last Hours for Climate Change (09/24/15) [11:42]
Green World website
ThomHartmann | Greedy Drug Companies Are Harming Americans (09/23/15) [9:56]
Other Videos and Documentaries I Ran Across
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As I construct My News Pages I constantly run across a lot of NEW videos, and since I find YouTube frustrating trying to re-find videos, I save the links in this section so I can find them again.

Wednesday September 23, 2015
News Articles

*US Intelligence Is More Privatized Than Ever Before
The Sign of Intelligence (older, 06/14/13) [0:28]

The Nation | Tim Shorrock | 09/16/15

Almost 14 years to the day after the 9/11 terrorist attacks drove intelligence spending into the stratosphere, two of the largest business associations in the spying industry held a “summit” meeting to discuss the current state of national security. Two realities were immediately apparent.

First, US intelligence is more privatized than ever before, with for-profit corporations operating as an equal partner with the surveillance state at nearly every level.

And second, a more troubling theme that ran through the meeting. Americans are now more sensitive than ever before to the risks associated with contractors, from Edward Snowden’s leaking of NSA secrets to the recent hacking of a government database of 21 million federal workers that was supposedly protected by cybersecurity contractors. ... Read more

*Meet the Private Corporations Building Our Nuclear Arsenal
The Nation | Richard Krushnic | 09/21/15

Imagine for a moment a genuine absurdity: Somewhere in the United States, the highly profitable operations of a set of corporations were based on the possibility that sooner or later your neighborhood would be destroyed and you and all your neighbors annihilated. And not just you and your neighbors, but others and their neighbors across the planet. What would we think of such companies, of such a project, of the mega-profits made off it?

In fact, such companies do exist. They service the American nuclear weapons industry and the Pentagon’s vast arsenal of potentially world-destroying weaponry. They make massive profits doing so, live comfortable lives in our neighborhoods, and play an active role in Washington politics. ...

Nuclear Weapons Producers

Babcock & Wilcox
BAE Systems
CH2M Hill
General Dynamics
Honeywell International
Huntington Ingalls Industries
Jacobs Engineering
Larsen & Toubro
Lockheed Martin
Northrop Grumman
Rockwell Collins
Read more or More at AlterNet

Don’t Bank on the Bomb
ICAN | author | current

ICAN has identified more than 300 banks, pension funds, insurance companies and asset managers in 30 countries with substantial investments in nuclear arms producers. Our study Don’t Bank on the Bomb provides details of financial transactions with 20 companies that are heavily involved in the manufacture, maintenance and modernization of US, British, French and Indian nuclear forces. ... Read more

War would now be fought not for or by the citizen, but quite literally for and by Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, KBR, DynCorp, Triple Canopy, and Blackwater (later Xe, even later Academi).

The Arrival of the Warrior Corporation | Tom Engelhardt | older, 02/23/12

... War would now be fought not for or by the citizen, but quite literally for and by Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, KBR, DynCorp, Triple Canopy, and Blackwater (later Xe, even later Academi). ...

... According to Dana Priest and William Arkin of the Washington Post, by 2010, about 265,000 of the 854,000 people with top security clearances were private contractors and “close to 30% of the workforce in the intelligence agencies [was] contractors.” ... Read more

*$52.6 Billion Black Budget
Click picture to zoom in

52.6 Billion Black Budget
**Daily Ticker | Find the $8.5 Trillion the Pentagon Can't Account For (2014) [5:32]
Click to see additional charts
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, September 23 [10:29]
DN | Calling for Revolution of Tenderness, Pope Touches Down in Richest Nation (09/23/15) [7:05]
DN | Cancer Patient Married to Undocumented Man Among 100 Women Who Marched 100 Miles to See Pope (09/23/15) [9:57]
Masters of Intelligence
TYT | James Clapper Caught Lying About The NSA (older, 06/12/13) [3:42]
CNN | Is climate change to blame for this? (09/16/15) [1:26]
TRNN | Jean Ross: Price Gouging In Health Care Is The Rule, Not the Exception (09/23/15) [8:13]
*TYT | Price Gouging Drug CEO Claims He’s The Good Guy (09/22/15) [7:15]
TYT | Marines Expose Afghan Army's Child Sex Slaves (09/22/15) [11:55]
Rampant sexual abuse of children has long been a problem in Afghanistan, particularly among armed commanders who dominate much of the rural landscape and can bully the population. The practice is called bacha bazi, literally “boy play,” and American soldiers and Marines have been instructed not to intervene -- in some cases, not even when their Afghan allies have abused boys on military bases, according to interviews and court records.

The policy has endured as American forces have recruited and organized Afghan militias to help hold territory against the Taliban. But soldiers and Marines have been increasingly troubled that instead of weeding out pedophiles, the American military was arming them in some cases and placing them as the commanders of villages -- and doing little when they began abusing children.
TYT | Trump On Global Warming (09/22/15) [9:53]
TYT | Right Wing Turning Their Hate Toward Jews? (09/22/15) [6:32]
TYT | Koch Bros To GOP Field: Time For Some Of You To Leave (09/22/15) [7:26]
RT | CrossTalk: on Syria: When Hubris Rules (09/23/15) [24:56]
RoF | Price Gouging Drug CEO Is The Donald Trump Of The Pharmaceutical Industry (09/22/15) [8:06]
Martin Shkreli, a 32-year-old CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, has steered his company into some controversy this week when it was revealed that they would be raising the price of the drug Daraprim from $13.50 to $750, a near 5000% increase in price. Greed in the pharmaceutical industry is nothing new, but with this story, it is hitting the mainstream media like it never has before.
RoF | Ring of Fire (E177) - Domestic Spying Is Just Getting Started (09/21/15) [29:00]
RoF | Ring of Fire (E178) - GOP's Biggest Enemy: Voting Rights (09/22/15) [29:00]
Thom Hartmann -
ThomHartmann | Time for Big Pharma to go Not For Profit... (09/22/15) [7:51]
ThomHartmann | The Similarities Between Bernie Sanders and Pope Francis... (09/23/15) [5:29]
ThomHartmann | More Radioactive Waste Heading Our Way (09/23/15) [6:33

Tuesday September 22, 2015
News Articles

This Is How Much Money We Need to Feed Millions of Syrian Refugees Right Now
MotherJones | James West | 09/22/15

On Monday, the chief of the United Nation's World Food Programme, the largest global provider of emergency food to the poor, announced that the program urgently needs $278 million over the next three months to feed millions of Syrian refugees. Even some of the neediest families, executive director Ertharin Cousin warned, will be cut off if the international community doesn't pony up.

The WFP's Syrian response, the biggest and most complex of its worldwide campaigns, has been crippled by the funding shortfall. The WFP expects to reach more than 4 million people within Syria by the end of this month; it also serves 1.6 million refugees in camps in neighboring countries. Most refugees fleeing Syria's civil war have found temporary shelter in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, and Egypt, but as the camps grow more crowded and resources more scant, refugees have left in search of better conditions, sparking a crisis across Europe as nations debate how, or even whether, to shelter them. ... Read more

Hedge Fund Manager Buys Rights To Critical Drug, Hikes Price By 5000%

CNBC | Cramer's warning: Market is unsafe, unsustainable
CNBC | Abigail Stevenson | 09/22/15

Jim Cramer did not trust the market rally on Monday. Somehow, all of the indicators that would normally be bad news for the averages ended up being good news, which was a red flag to Cramer that this rally is not sustainable. Monday's market activity prompted interest rates and oil prices to rise, the dollar gained strength versus the euro, financial stocks rallied and biotech stocks were crushed.

"How did these things suddenly become good? Because this market is trying to find a base, trying to find its footing where it doesn't go down every day and where segments that have been hit hard can attempt to rally," the "Mad Money" host explained. ... Read more
CNBC | Cramer's warning: Market is unsafe, unsustainable (09/22/15) [11:30]

"(Not Always) Smart Money" Hedgers Are Record Long S&P 500 Futures
ZeroHedge | author | 09/22/15

The only other time the S&P 500 Hedgers' net long position exceeded 60,000 contracts was... September 25-October 9, 2007. We may or may not have to remind you that October 9, 2007 marked the all-time high in the S&P 500 to that point -- and for 6 years to follow. Obviously, this was decidedly NOT a well-timed long extreme. ... Read more

Dead Cat Bounce Dies - Dow Down 700 Points From Fed's Fold.

US to bring in new advanced nuclear bombs to Germany -- report
RT | author | 09/22/15

Starting third quarter 2015, the US Air Force is starting preparations to bring in new B61 nuclear bombs to Luftwaffe's Büchel Air Base, according to ZDF TV channel. German parliament previously called for American nukes to be removed.

The base in Rhineland-Palatinate in western Germany hosts German Panavia Tornado multipurpose aircraft that are capable to deploy the USAF nuclear bombs stored there under a nuclear sharing deal. The base is the only location in Germany that has nuclear weapons since 2007 and has 20 of them, according to the Royal United Services Institute. ... Read more
RT | US sends 20 nukes to Germany despite Bundestag decision (09/22/15) [3:17]

More News
  1. Pressure builds on Volkswagen CEO as emissions-cheating probe spreads ( Reuters)
  2. Volkswagen Emissions Scandal Relates to 11 Million Cars ( WSJ)
  3. Volkswagen Emissions Investigations Should Widen to Entire Auto Industry, Officials Say ( WSJ)
  4. Germany's Bosch makes VW's U.S. diesel components ( Reuters)
  5. Volkswagen scandal will have personnel consequences - state economy minister ( Reuters)
  6. Glencore Falls to Record as Mining Shares Lead Stock Losses ( BBG)
  7. Despite Slump, China's Xi Jinping Pledges Economic Reforms ( WSJ)
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Tuesday, September 22 [8:37]
*DN | Noam Chomsky on George Orwell, the Suppression of Ideas and the Myth of American Exceptionalism (09/22/15) [8:21], Part 2 [8:21]
Corbett Report
*Corbett Report
Global Nuclear Proliferation? (09/08/15) [2:28]
There are 16,000 nukes currently on Earth, Quick, we must stockpile more government officials!
TRNN | James Early says: Pope the Political Power Broker on US-Cuba (09/21/15) [12:22]
*TRNN | Larry Wilkerson says Reviews: Gen. Dennis Laich's book - Skin In the Game: Poor Kids and Patriots (09/22/15) [10:43]
*TYT | Scott Walker Drops Out Of GOP Primary (09/21/15) [5:08]
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker plans to drop out of the presidential race today after failing to find traction in a crowded Republican presidential field, The New York Times first reported.
TYT | Trump: Are You Saying We DON'T Have A Muslim Problem? (09/21/15) [6:56]
TYT | Ben Carson: Muslims Not Qualified To Be President (09/21/15) [10:32]
TYT | Denying You Supported Iraq War Totally In Right Now (09/21/15) [9:18]
Bill Maher had an "interesting" program on the other night. They were arguing about how the media covered the Iraq war. Jorge Ramos argued that the media was too compliant, but Chris Matthews insisted he was not guilty of this. He thinks he can get away with claiming he was against the war, despite the fact that the internet is a thing that exists and we can all watch clips of him cheerleading the Bush Administration.
TYT | Sarah Palin STILL Thinks Ahmed Mohamed's Clock Was A Bomb (09/21/15) [5:26]
RT | Saudis spreading radical ideology, causing mass murder, destroying states (09/21/15) [27:05]
RT | Keiser Report: British vs American Sex & Economic Scandals (E813) (09/22/15) [25:34]
In the second half, Max interviews Mark McGowan - aka the Artist Taxi Driver - about David Cameron's relationship with pigs - both those at the trough and those on the platter.
RoF | Jeb's Poll Numbers Are Tanking; War On The Poor Isn't Working For Him(09/21/15) [2:40]
Thom Hartmann -

Monday September 21, 2015
News Articles

*Bernie Sanders Explains to Colbert Why He 'Doesn't Want Billionaires' Money'
AlterNet | Adam Johnson | 09/18/15

After polls showing Bernie Sanders leading Hillary Clinton by 10 points in Iowa and 22 points in New Hampshire and a flattering Time magazine cover, the Vermont Senator is no doubt feeling confident heading into the fall campaign season. It was only fitting then he would find himself on the Late Show charming Colbert's Manhattan audience with his populist campaign themes of universal healthcare, child and sick leave, higher taxes on corporations, and a whole host of other left wing red meat. ... Read more

Late Show | Stephen Colbert: Interviews Bernie Sanders (09/18/15) [10:46]

Mark Spitznagel Warns: If Investors Thought August Was Scary, "They Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet"
ZeroHedge | author | 09/18/15

The man who made a billion dollars on Black Monday sums up his strategy perfectly in this excellent FOX Business clip with the money-honey, "I'm a hedge fund manager that actually hedges for his clients. This is something of an old fashioned idea in this day of just gambling on the next Fed bailout." Spitznagel, who is wholly unapologetic in his criticism of The Fed (and any central planner), unleashes eight minutes of awful truthiness on what is going on under the surface of the so-called 'market', concluding ominously, "if August was scary for people, they ain't seen nothin' yet." ... Read more
FOX | Mark Spitznagel Warns: If Investors Thought August Was Scary, "They Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" (09/17/15) [8:22]

Multimillionaire Carly Fiorina Took 4 Years to Pay Staffers From Her Last Campaign

George W. Bush to Lecture Intelligence Professionals. Really?
MotherJones | David Corn | 09/21/15

Why would hundreds of the leading minds in the fields of national security, intelligence, and information technology want to be lectured to by former President George W. Bush, who, after all, misused intelligence to launch a war with little preparation for what would come afterward? And why would the US division of one of the world's largest software companies arrange -- and perhaps pay -- for Bush to address such an audience? These are questions that this firm, SAP National Security Services, doesn't want to answer. .. Read more

Martin Armstrong Warns "Hell Is About To Break Loose"
ZeroHedge | author | 09/20/15

The Fed is really caught between a rock and a very dark place. This is the worst possible mess and the longer they have waited to normalize interest rates, the worst the total crisis is becoming for they will have zero control over the economy and once that is seen, holy Hell will break loose. ... Read more

Does Capitalism REALLY Exist?
Bernie Sanders
Social democracy is a political ideology that supports economic and social interventions to promote social justice within the framework of a capitalist economy, and a policy regime involving welfare state provisions, collective bargaining arrangements, regulation of the economy in the general interest, redistribution of income and wealth, and a commitment to representative democracy. Social democracy aims to create the conditions for capitalism to lead to greater egalitarian, democratic and solidaristic outcomes. "Social democracy" is often used in this manner to refer to the social policies prominent in Western and Northern Europe - particularly in reference to the Nordic countries - during the latter half of the 20th century.

Modern social democracy is defined by its commitment to constitutional and representative democracy under the rule of law; support for a mixed economy that opposes the excesses of capitalism including inequality, poverty, and the oppression of underprivileged groups; and measures to extend democratic decision-making beyond politics into the economic sphere to grant employees and other economic stakeholders co-determination. Social democracy became associated with Keynesian economics.
Social democracy - Wikipedia website

Ron Paul
Libertarianism (Latin: liber, "free") is a political philosophy that upholds liberty as its principal objective. Libertarians seek to maximize autonomy and freedom of choice, emphasizing political freedom, voluntary association, and the primacy of individual judgment.

Libertarians generally share a skepticism of authority; however, they diverge on the scope of their opposition to existing political and economic systems. Various schools of libertarian thought offer a range of views regarding the legitimate functions of state and private power.

Some libertarians advocate laissez-faire capitalism and strong private property rights, such as in land, infrastructure, and natural resources. Others, notably libertarian socialists, seek to abolish capitalism and private ownership of the means of production in favor of their common or cooperative ownership and management.
Libertarianism - Wikipedia website
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, September 21 [9:57]
DN | Pope Francis in Cuba: "The World Needs Reconciliation in This Atmosphere of WWIII", Part 1 (09/21/15) [10:51], Part 2 [18:16]
Ahead of his first U.S. visit, Pope Francis celebrated mass in Cuba Sunday before hundreds of thousands of worshipers in Havana's Revolution Square. Born in Argentina, Francis is the first Latin American pope. He is widely praised in Cuba for helping to broker secret talks with Washington that resulted in the further normalization of U.S.-Cuban relations, and praised the detente between the two countries as "an example of reconciliation for the entire world." The pope's homily in Havana included no direct political message besides urging the successful conclusion of Colombia peace talks that have been taking place in Cuba for nearly three years. On Tuesday, Pope Francis arrives in Washington, where he will address Congress and meet with President Obama. We speak about Pope Francis' Cuba-U.S. trip with Carlos Alzugaray Treto, a former Cuban diplomat and former Havana University professor; and Andrea Bartoli, dean of the School of Diplomacy and International Relations at Seton Hall University and member of the Community of Sant'Egidio, a liberal Catholic group active in international affairs.
James Corbett -
*CorbettReport | 9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money (09/11/15) [59:34]
CorbettReport | Jeff Berwick: Shemitah 2015 - Prophecy or Quackery? (09/02/15) [28:39]
*CorbettReport | Meet Allen Dulles: Fascist Spymaster (E307) (08/30/15) [53:01]
Abby Martin: The Empire Files
TRNN | Abby Martin: The Empire Files: 9/11 and the Belligerent Empire (older, 09/12/15) [24:51]
TRNN | Abby Martin: The Empire Files: Enter the Biggest Prison System in History (09/20/15) [27:50]
*TRNN | Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: Is the U.S. Secretly Welcoming Increased Russian Syria Involvement? (09/20/15) [13:52]
TRNN | Robert Pollin says: Beyond Zero Interest Rate Policy: How the Fed Can Stimulate the Economy (09/20/15) [10:51]
TRNN | Professor Leo Panitch discuss: Syriza Re-election Victory Sidelines Popular Unity Party (09/21/15) [14:39]
TYT | Trump Will Be "Taking A Look At" Getting Rid Of Muslims (09/20/15) [5:11]
TYT | Bernie Sanders: DNC's Debates Rigged (09/20/15) [8:58]
RT | CrossTalk: Japan up in arms (09/21/15) [24:13]
RT | Keiser Report: Privatization schemes (E812) (09/20/15) [25:44]
RT | Ex-Iraqi Defense Minister: 'After invasion US allowed Iraq to slip into disaster' (09/20/15) [2:51]
RoF | The Republicans Debated For Five Hours And Said Absolutely Nothing (09/18/15) [7:11]
Thom Hartmann -
ThomHartmann | GOP Debated Everything That Didn't Matter and Ignored Everything That Did... (09/17/15) [6:09]
ThomHartmann | When did Ronald Reagan Become a Hero? (09/18/15) [4:18]

Friday September 18, 2015
News Articles
RT | How many US cops does it take to detain a teen for jaywalking? Apparently 9 (09/17/15) [2:25]

Carly Fiorina won the GOP debate, but fact checkers will have a field day | Ezra Klein | 09/16/15

At Wednesday's CNN debate, Carly Fiorina did what no other Republican has been able to do: she stopped Donald Trump cold.

BUT, Fact checkers will have a field day with Fiorina... Her answer on Russia, for instance, was bizarre. ... Read more

Republican debate: Fact-checking the candidates
CNN | Tom LoBianco | 09/17/15

The CNN Fact-Checking Team worked through both Republican debates Wednesday night, comparing notable, surprising or otherwise interesting claims from the candidates against the facts.

The team, comprised of researchers, editors and reporters across CNN, picked the juiciest statements, analyzed them, consulted issue experts and then rated them either: True; Mostly True; True, but Misleading; False; or It's Complicated. ... Read more
Half-Empty Rec Room For JEB

Fools, Fascists and Cold Warriors: Take Your Pick
HP | Robert Scheer | 09/18/15

Are they fools or fascists? Probably the former, but there was a disturbing cast to the second GOP debate, a vituperative jingoism reminiscent of the xenophobia that periodically scars western capitalist societies in moments of disarray.

While the entire world is riveted by the sight of millions of refugees in terrifying exodus attempting to save drowning and starving children, we were treated to the darkly peculiar spectacle of scorn for the children of undocumented immigrants and celebration of the sanctity of the unborn fetus.

Marching to the beat of that mad drummer Donald Trump, the GOP candidates have taken to scapegoating undocumented immigrants, particular the young, blaming them for all that ails us. ... Read more

Turkey Has Spent Nearly $8 Billion Caring For Syrian Refugees

Dow Dumps 450 Points From Post-Fed Euphoria Highs, Time To Unleash The Bullard
ZeroHedge | author | 09/18/15

It appears we are going to need more dovishness. Following The Fed's admission that all-is-not-well - despite every talking head proclaiming liftoff imminent - the implicit lower-for-longer dovishness of The Fed has not been embraced by the "market." It appears a tipping point in Fed credibility may have been reached... but then again it is a quad witching. ... Read more

UK Stocks Flash-Crash As BP, Banks Plunge; LSE Investigating
ZeroHedge | author | 09/18/15

Chatter of a fat-finger trade, then exaggerated by the algos, has smashed UK's FTSE 100 lower instantly this morning, dragging major firms with it...



As with all these plunges, the machines BTFD but the rebound is weak.

As Bloomberg noted:


Read more
Click picture to zoom in

Miniature Therapy Horses Are Just What The Doctor Ordered
HP | Arin Greenwood | 09/17/15

These miniature therapy horses are basically magical creatures. One of them is even named Magic. Magic, who often wears a custom tuxedo, made Time magazine's list of the top 10 heroic animals in history -- here's Time's explanation for what earned this special little horse her spot. Read more

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Friday, September 18 [9:17]
*DN | Ralph Nader: Is GM Too Big to Jail? (09/18/15) [10:40]
DN | Nader on Trump's Dodging of Question on "Getting Rid" of Muslims: What If It Had Been Jews? (09/18/15) [5:20]
DN | Why Not Jail? Rena Steinzor on GM Settlement & Deferred Prosecution Agreements (09/18/15) [23:16]
Diane Rehm Show -
DianeRehmShow | Friday News Roundup -- International (09/18/15) [1hr]
DianeRehmShow | Friday News Roundup -- Domestic (09/18/15) [1hr]
*TRNN | Col. Lawrence Wilkerson on GOP Debate: War Profits Drive GOP Hawks (09/18/15) [17:22]
TRNN | Harry Konstantinidis of U. Mass, Boston say: Will SYRIZA Survive Sunday's Election? (09/18/15) [12:41]
*TYT | CNN GOP Debate: And The Biggest Liar Award Goes To... (09/17/15) [11:58]
TYT | Jeb Bush Is Just As Crazy As The Rest Of Republican Candidates (09/17/15) [4:24]<
*TYT | Carly Fiorina's Business Record At Least As Bad As Trump's (09/17/15) [10:16]
Ex US ambassador: US wrongly sees its military as a tool of world order (09/17/15) [2:33]
RT | CrossTalk: Ukraine's Hard Choices (09/18/15) [24:38]
RoF | Ring of Fire (E176) - Debating For Dummies (full) (09/17/15) [29:00]
Thom Hartmann -
*ThomHartmann | Bernie Sanders - The Only White Guy to Show Up... (09/18/15) [9:50]
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