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Collapse of the Financial Institutions
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                      or TOO BIG TO FAIL

What can I say... this is a very scary section and yet a very real possibility!  But the movie "Too Big To Fail" is just part of the story... nothing has changed, we are still heading toward a train wreak.

2011 - This is Beyond  "To Big To Fail"

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis [49:22]
PBS: BILL MOYERS JOURNAL-William K. Black-The Best Way To Rob A Bank, Is To Own One (04/06/09) [28:32]

Quote: "People are getting rich, not on how intelligent they are, or that they have a bright new idea that will help humanity, but on how well (fast) they can repackage immoral financial instruments and resell them without asking any moral questions!"


too-big-to-fail too-big-to-fail
Sorkin on 'Too Big to Fail' [7:22] Curtis Hanson - Too Big to Fail (Trailer and Behind the Scenes).

At one time I thought the video "Too Big To Fail" represented the facts fairly well.  The more I investigate the more I realize Henry Paulson was just as corrupt as the rest of the banksters.  And everything was orchestrated from the beginning. 
Too Big To Fail (Full Movie)
Too Big To Fail  Part 1 [51:51]
Too Big To Fail  Part 2 [50:00]

fall-of-lehman-brothers PBS-Frontline-the-warning-the-financial-collapse
BBC: The Fall of Lehman Brothers
Fall of Lehman Brothers Part 1 [9:54], Part 2 [9:59], Part 3 [9:58], Part 4 [9:58], Part 5 [9:46], Part 6 [9:32]

PBS Frontline: The Warning, The Financial Collapse - Brooksley Born [10,9,10,56:17]
AIG Scandal AIG-bonus-scandal
AIG Scandal [10:19] AIG bonus scandal explained [10:00]

13-bankers 13 Bankers: The Wall Street Takeover and the Next Financial Meltdown [1:29:11]

How to Rip-Off the Poorest of Society

A new report by National People's Action, The Predators' Creditors, reveals that amidst record high unemployment, foreclosures, and budget deficits, Wall Street's biggest banks are now helping the bottom feeders in the loan industry: Payday Lenders.

Big banks--the same banks who received TARP funds to bail them out--are extending billions of dollars in credit to payday loan companies that feed on the economic misery of urban and rural low income working families, with usuriously high interest rates at an average 455%.

Wells Fargo is the biggest single enabler of payday lenders, the report finds, followed by Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, US Bank, Banco Popular and Wachovia. Wells Fargo finances about one-third of this predatory industry based on SEC and other government filings from public companies only.

Payday Loans videos
PayDay Loan Tree... Example of Predatory Loan Commercial! [0:32]
Payday Loans... How They Work
Payday Loans Scrutinized [3:34]
Payday loan trap [4:40]
How Payday Loans Works [10:26]
DemocracyNow Interview on Payday Loans
How PayDay loans push the middle class deeper into debt-Part 1 [10:00], Part 2 [4:56]
Scams on Payday Loan Scams
Pay day loan scam [1:48]

pdg-icon Payday Financing 09/14/2010
pdg-icon Payday Financing by State

Financial Tools?? Crooked Financial Practices?? What is the SEC doing??

Phantom Shares Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Super Rich: The Greed Game [58:31]

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