Banksters Become Mainstream

I keep getting more and more information on Wall Street and the fraud they are perpetrating on the American people.  Sometimes the volume is so great that I forget to post it. Thus, I decided to create posts on this page as I get the information and I will reorganize the data as it make sense.  I have a feeling this might be a very long page.
Legend: WP=Washington Post | RS=Rolling Stones | MT=Matt Taibbi |

parker-spitzerThere Are Two Different Worlds And We Shouldn't Confuse The Two!
Matt Taibbi: There Are Two Different Worlds

Globalization didn't really start with Ronald Reagan and Margret Thatcher, but their time in office is an iconic place to start.
commanding-heights1 commanding-heights2 commanding-heights3
Commanding Heights - The Battle for the World Economy - EP1 [1:55:25] Commanding Heights - The Battle for the World Economy - EP2 [1:55:25] Commanding Heights - The_Battle for the World Economy - EP3 [1:55:31]

The Shock Doctrine (2009) -- Naomi Klein [1:18:38]  good documentary
I just ran across another good term: Global Economic Re-engineering

How Corporations Captured US Government
How Corporations Captured US Government (04/05/10) [6:47]

bankers-wivesTALF -  Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility
"But the federal aid Mack and Karches received actually falls under a broader category of bailout initiatives, designed and perfected by Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, called "giving already stinking rich people gobs of money for no fucking reason at all." If you want to learn how the shadow budget works, follow along. This is what welfare for the rich looks like." Matt Taibbi.
Matt Taibbi: How the Fed Bailed Out Super-rich Bankers' Wives (04/22/11) [4:41]
Max Keiser Report: Fleeing Dollar Flood & Fraud (04/26/11) [25:56]
RS: MT: The Real Housewives of Wall Street

QE2 Economic Easing Money
Have you ever heard of QE2 or Economic Easing? It is where the FED has made available stimulus money, at near zero interest rates, to banks and large investors so they can help stimulate the economy. Do you know what those banks and large investors are doing with the money?  Possibly parking the money in Brazil banks at 10% interest!
Who Pays the Bill for the Fed's QE2? [10:37]

Commodities... the next big bubble?
Beyond the housing, and debt bubbles are commodities. Banks are artificially driving up commodities prices such as gas and food staples to make obscene profits... while the poor starve to death.
Speculation And The Frenzy In Food Markets (03/16/11) [22:15]

Naked Shorts
Naked shorts are the preferred fuse to cause the next big financial crisis...
Phantom Shares Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Revolving Door at Treasury

brooksley-bornCFTC - Trade Commission
This is what they did to the one person that was trying to save our economy:
PBS Frontline: The Warning, The Financial Collapse - Brooksley Born [10,9,10,56:17]

The Greed Game, and Still More To Come
Mortgage brokers slumming at 7-Eleven trying to find a warm body to write a mortgage for.
Super Rich: The Greed Game [58:31]
Making Money Out of Market Crash (08/21/11) [10:59]

Predatory Capitalism | Crony Capitalism | Disaster Capitalism  | Predator State

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